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I am an experimental creative technologist and researcher based in Seoul, South Korea and Brooklyn, NY.  ​

As a graduate of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), I work to raise awareness about mindfulness through wearable gadgets and art installations that combine meditation and technology. I also had the honor of becoming a Dalai Lama Fellow in 2017 during my time at ITP. Since then, I have been granted the status of being a “Life-Long Dalai Lama Fellow.” 

As a fellow, I researched cutting-edge meditation aid technologies and its prospects of helping people be more mindful under the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Science Center. I looked deeply into A.I.'s potential interaction with religion and spirituality, possible ethical issues arising from it, and the contemplative leadership skills needed to ensure a smooth transition into a tech-friendly future. I was able to share my findings in a lecture titled, “How Technology Can Transform the Way We Engage in Mindfulness” to numerous institutions. 


Most recently, I have been working as a research fellow for the World Meditation Village, the largest meditation complex in South Korea. Specifically, I have been consulting on the creation of the “Healthy Minds Innovations Center” which consists of an XR Meditation Zone and Contemplative Sciences Research Lab. Additionally, I participated in the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute (SRI) in 2022 and will be participating in the upcoming event in 2023. This program provides an opportunity for a multitude of disciplines to connect and discuss contemplative practice.


In my spare time, I enjoy flying drones and practicing yoga.

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