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In March of 2017, I was one of twenty-six Dalai Lama fellows from different countries all over the world. Dalai Lama Fellows (DLF) is an internationally-recognized contemplative leadership program under the Contemplative Science Center at the University of Virginia. 

The program is designed to help young leaders cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and other social and emotional skills. It also provides support to individuals who are working on their personal projects to make an impact in their respective greater communities. My personal project as a fellow was to utilize various modes of technology to enhance the experience and general practice of mindfulness.

You can find at the DLF application here


​​MOM (Mindfulness Over Matter) is the project that I developed as a fellow which seeks to raise awareness and generate interest in meditation among New Yorkers in an engaging way. With art installations and unique gadgets that combine virtual reality and neuroscience, MOM aims to reach a broad audience and revolutionize how we approach mental well-being.



​During my time with DLF (2017-2018), I developed numerous mindfulness-related technologies. I exhibited these projects at showcases around NYC and NJ to educate people on the importance of mindfulness. NYC is known for its advanced innovation in technology, so I took advantage of my location to reach a diverse group of people, ranging from curious youth to investment bankers.


After I completed the terms of my fellowship, I became a life-long Dalai Lama fellow. As a researcher, I am currently looking into the impact that A.I. can have spirituality and ethics as well as the necessary leadership skills to ensure a smooth transition into a tech-friendly future. I was also a member of the assembly planning team and helped facilitate events of the Dalai Lama Fellows' 2019 Contemplative Leadership Assembly at the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Science Center. At the assembly, I also led a workshop where I gave a lecture titled “How Technology Can Transform the Way We Engage in Mindfulness.”


This fellowship also gave me an opportunity to explore other programs. For instance, I also participated in the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute (SRI) in 2022. This program provides an opportunity for various disciplines to connect and deeply discuss contemplative practice. Together, attendees examine contemplative science and practices can positively trauma and its ongoing effects on society. 

You can find supporting documents regarding my fellowship such as certificates of appointment and invitation letter, here.

                     DALAI LAMA FELLOW

 Inspiring People to Meditate through Technology 

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