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What happens when technology is combined with spirituality?

What will psychic look like in the future?  

Experience the world as a future spiritual advisor through HoloWAVE!


Headset (HoloLens+EEG Sensor), Fans, Electric air freshener, Subwoofer Bass, Amplifier, Arduino, Crystal Ball

Processing, OSC   


HoloWAVE' is a conceptual wearable device to help mental health therapists better understand and empathize with their clients. The device is a type of performative media art, where users can experience how effective therapy sessions are in real time. 


Through HoloWAVE, encounter an AI psychic working with a client, and experience how human intuition can be modeled using technology. This interactive storytelling medium pushes the boundary between the physical and spiritual. HoloWAVE combines cutting edge Mixed Reality (MR) technology and Brain Computer Interface (BCI).


HoloWAVE's voice recognition capabilities enable the user to control the flow of time, which is used in conjunction with the user's level of concentration (Alpha wave: 7.5-14Hz) to determine how far into the past and future the user experiences. A vibrating chair and fan is also used with an MR headset to provide a truly immersive psychic experience.


1) In the future, will humans seek out personal/spiritual advice from humans or from AI? Given the fact that AI has much more memory and processing capabilities than humans do, which would give more accurate results?

2) Will AI eventually be able to mimic human spirituality? 

I have always wanted to create technologies that enable humans to express their spirituality. In my opinion, the combination of MR (Mixed Reality)+ BCI (Brain Computer Interface) is a great way to closely mimic spiritual experiences.

I have interviewed and researched hundreds of spiritualists in South Korea and the United States, which has given me a sense of how to replicate these spiritualists’ experiences. Taking the courses at ITP related to MR and BCI have provided me with the skills needed to bring my vision to reality.

I predict that in the future, AI and humans will coexist on a spiritual level. In the future, I think that the line between human and machine will be faint. Perhaps we will live in a world where humans will be augmented with technology, similar to the idea of cyborgs. In this case, human emotional capacity will be combined with the AI’s computation and memory advantage. Psychics are just a small part of overall spirituality. For the purposes of my project, I have decided to narrow my efforts on psychics. These psychics make predictions and give advice based on intuition. I am interested in what exactly constitutes this “intuition,” and if we can ever model this using technology.

HoloWAVE Experience Walk Through

1. Audience watches a client meeting with the psychic, who is wearing the HoloWAVE headset.


2. The psychic asks the client for their name.


3. The psychic says “search”, which activates HoloWAVE’s voice recognition functionality. HoloWAVE then finds all digital records of the client, such as driver’s license, social media activity, and professional history. The amount of information found is determined by the psychic’s level of concentration. This information is displayed on the external screen.

4. Psychic says “future”, which compiles all of the client’s information and makes a prediction about the client’s future, using AI algorithms. The more the user focuses, the more accurate the prediction is.


5. Based on this information, the psychic gives life advice to the client. Machines do not have the capability for empathy, so the final moral/value judgement is made by the human.


6. What the client is experiencing in the HoloWAVE headset is projected on an external projector so that an audience can follow along the psychic experience.​ These are images that the psychic sees superimposed on the external reality (i.e. real/present world).

7. The vibrating chairs and fans provide added realism to the experience. For instance, if the client's past involved disastrous events, such as an earthquake, the chair will shake and vibrate.

8. Images are also projected into a crystal ball for the client to see. This only consists of the images of the client's past and future, and not the external reality.


Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 3.08.01 PM.png

I showed this work, HoloWAVE : Psychic Experience at a event hosted by TOPIC.COM. (Jan 2018)

The event is called "TOPIC Talks: Near Future" and is being held at the Mezzanine. The talk is aimed at bringing together a broad set of futurists and influential speakers to discuss futuristic technologies.  

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