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Winner, 'Internet For Peace' Film Contest 

(WIRED Magazine, 2010) 

Contest Promotion video   

Contest Promotion video   


  • Competition to celebrate the Internet’s nomination in the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. People all around the world were invited to submit a video that best explained why the Internet deserved such an esteemed nomination.

  • 1st place winner (“Internet: The Best Tool for Peace”) among 600 video submissions, judges composed of world renowned contributors to society, such as Chinese Artist Ai WeiWei, Brazilian Musician Gilberto Gil, Italian movie director Gabriele Salvatore.  

Prof. Nicolas Negroponte presenting at the award ceremony

With Shirin Ebadi, the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Winner at the award ceremony

Giving  my acceptance speech at the award ceremony  

Overview of the award cememony 




  • A portion of the "Internet for Peace" campaign was a film contest. The campaign was centered around the internet because the internet is a vehicle for free speech as well as a facilitator for democracy. Supporters of the movement included Wired Magazine and other well-known NGOs and individuals that wished to nominate the internet for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • As the grand prize winner, I was able to interact with visionaries from various fields such as 2013 Nobel Peace Prize recipients, Shirin Ebadi and Nicholas Negroponte, founders of both the MIT Media Lab & OLPC. It also confirmed for me the power of marketing, human mobilization, and love for humanity that trumped borders and ideologies.


“Internet: The Best Tool for Peace”




  • The video was based on a story involving the 2010 World Cup. Portions of the project were a result of the breadth of the human network (MiYooMo) spanning multiple countries around the world, including America, South Korea, China and even Qatar! We gathered under the name of the internet; a crucial network to connect our ideas and our common ideal for global peace.

  • For the first time in 44 years, North Korea participated in the World Cup making international headlines. The unique moment of watching footballer Jung Te-Se spill tears of elation due to the surreal reality of standing on the world stage, the World Cup, struck me as a highly emotionally moving scene. His career rose above the undertones of political and social dissent. I felt many people could empathize with this player and his tears; as his career until that point had been littered with obstacle after obstacle.

  • This film was produced on a budget of $300 US dollars, which was spent solely on producing the red peace t-shirts shown on film. Filming was done using smartphones and small portable cameras.


Executive Director: Sean Kim
Editing and Animation: Eunice Choi 
Technical Advisor: Justin Long, Heeyong Daniel Jang, Albert Hyukjae Kwon, 

Music (Become One) by Berklee College of Music
Composition: Jung Eun Kwon 
Lyrics:  Jongchan Marco Baek
Vocals: Jourdan Rystrom, Faustina Abad Sokolov, Jiyoon June Dong
Mixing Engineer: Dongeun Ray Kim

You can find public release documents of  the event from here.



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