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Invited Lectures/ Conferences  

  •   How Technology Can Transform the Way We Engage in Mindfulness, UVA, Charlottesville, VA (2019) link

  •   Transmission of Spiritual Energy in Media Art, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ (2019)

  •   Mindfulness Tech Lecture, Korean Buddhist WONKAKSA, Salisbury Mills, NY (2019)

  •   Mindfulness Tech Lecture, HongIk University, IDAS | Smart Design Engineering, Seoul, Korea (2018)                                                          

  •   Future Intersection of Spirituality and Technology, Organizer, NYU ITP, New York, NY (2016) link                                                                   

  •   Forum on Multi-cultural Future in Korea, Main Panelist, Kyung-Hee University, Seoul, South Korea (2014)

        - Hosted by Multi cultural Network, Sponsored by Ministry of Gender Equality & Family Republic of Korea

         “How to Improve Multi-cultural Awareness in Korea with Digital Media” (Nov 1) 

         “Ways to Connect multi-cultural families and Foreign students in Korea with Digital Media to Promote Korea”  (Sep 20)

  •  WIRED Magazine's World Peace Day Event, Main speaker, The Paley Center for Media  in NY (Sep 21 2010) link

TV Interviews


Radio Interviews 

  •    Österreich1(Nationwide channels run by the Austrian public broadcaster ORF), Jul 2017  link                                                          

        - Introduced and discussed “WAVR” as a type of modern meditation technology 

  •   MBC Radio (Korean): “World N Us” (세계는 그리고 우리는) Nov 11 2011 link

  •   미국의소리 Voice of America (VOA) (Korean) – “Korean Peninsula News” Jun 26 2010 link

  •   자유아시아방송 Radio Free Asia (RFA) (Korean) – Evening News, Jun 27 2010 

  •   Radio Korea (라디오코리아)  고영주의 세상하는 이야기 “My Life, My Passion” Jul 10 2010 -  Largest Korean radio station in America link

  •   MBC: 손석희의 시선집중 (Son Suk Hee’s Spotlight), May 3 2010 - Most popular and listened-to morning radio show in South Korea link


"Internet For Peace" WIRED MAGAZINE's Global Campaign (2010) 



            ○  Articles in which my name was not mentioned, but features projects I have worked on.   


                  - WIRED, Wired Backs Internet for Nobel Peace Prize Nov 28  2009 link

                  - WIRED, Internet 'In Running' for Nobel Peace Prize Mar 13  2010 link

                  - BBC NEWS, Internet 'in running' for Nobel Peace Prize Mar 10 2009  link 

                  - NBC NEWS, Internet Nominated for 2010 Nobel Peace Prize  Mar 11 2010  link          

                  - British Vogue, Giorgio Armani backs Internet For Peace,  Nov 24 2009  link  

South Korea's Jeju Island for New 7 Wonders of Nature – Innovative use of online student networking to promote Jeju island (2011)


  •     Korea Herald, MiYooMo campaigns for the island’s bid to become one of N7W ,  Apr 11 2011 link  / PDF 

  •     Korea Times, Students to promote beauty of Jeju, Jul 17 2011 link  / PDF 

  •     Yonhap News Agency, 연합뉴스 (Korean): 美유학생들, 제주 7대 경관 노래로 홍보 Mar 31 2011 link  

  •     MK News, 매일경제 (Korean): 美 유학생들 "제주 홍보노래 우리가 영어로 만들었죠" Mar 31 2011 link   / PDF

  •     미주중앙일보. KoreaDaily, 한인 유학생들 '제주도 밀어주기' 발벗고 나섰다 Mar 7 2011 link   / PDF

  •     미주중앙일보. KoreaDaily, '코리아' 홍보에 유학생들 앞장'  Aug 19 2011 link   / PDF

           ○  Articles in which my name was not mentioned, but features projects I have worked on

                      - The Korea Times, Jeju Island full of wonders, Jan 12 2011, link

                    - The Korea Herald, Jeju chosen as 'new natural wonder' Nov 12 2011, link

                    - CNN Travel,  New seven wonders of nature, Nov 11 2011,  link

                    - CNN Travel,  New 7 Wonders of Nature selected, Nov 12 2011,  link

                    - Daily Mail, Seven Wonders Of The Natural World: Which Would You Choose? Nov 14 2011  link

                    - Huffington Post UK, Seven Wonders Of The Natural World: Which Would You Choose? Oct 11 2011  link

Emmie Grace Project - a project of Social Media for Humanity (2010) 

  •     Yonhap News Agency, 연합뉴스 (Korean): 美입양모 "내 딸 진영이는 축복이죠"  Aug 23, 2010 link                                                                     

  •     KoreaDaily, 미주중앙일보 (Korean): 유학생들 ‘불치병 입양아 에밀리를 도웁시다’ Aug 23, 2010 link / PDF    

  •     Sege-Ilbo, 세계일보 (Korean): 美입양모 "내 딸 진영이는 축복이죠 Aug 23, 2010 link / PDF  


US Census 2010

  •     KoreaDaily, 미주중앙일보 (Korean): “센서스, 한인유학생 나선다” 서포터즈 조직 홍보활동 벌여 Mar 25, 2010 link / PDF

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