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Psychic Experience (HoloWAVE) 

Brainwaves meets AR

WAVR - Brainwaves VR Control System 

Explore the Power of the Mind through VR!

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Meditation Robot Race

Mindfulness Fountain

Augmented Meditation using

Mixed Reality & Brain-Computer Interface


World Meditation Village 

A New Wellness and Mediation Center

DalA.I. Lama

Artificial Inteligence Dalai Lama

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 A.I Supported Empathy

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 Brain Rhythms

    Brainwaves Music Tower 

Meditate to Mars

AR Medtation

Drone Art

drones can be a very powerful medium for storytelling

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Dalai Lama Fellowship Project

 Inspiring People to Meditate

through Technology 

Future intersection between 

technology & spirituality 

Special Seminar 

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Student Think-Tank

Internet For Peace

Winner of WIRED's Film Contest

Creative Consultant

for Various Organizations

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